MOSIP Advanced Compliance Program (MACP) Certification

Accredited under the MOSIP Advanced Compliance Program (MACP), BixeLab is well-equipped to provide independent certification related to biometric quality for enrolment devices.

The efficiency of biometric systems is greatly influenced by the quality of the images acquired. Specifically, a system’s ability to perform deduplication and authentication functions is directly impacted by the quality of these images. To ensure that biometric devices used by MOSIP users are of adequate quality, MOSIP has developed a modular and universally applicable certification framework that provides independent certification and assurance for biometric enrolment devices.

Independent biometric certification enables MOSIP users to rely on empanelled, independent laboratories such as BixeLab to validate the capture performance of enrolment devices within the context of expected usage scenarios. At present, the device criteria covers both indoor and outdoor usage scenarios across face, fingerprint, and iris modalities.

MACP Biometric device certification for quality – overview

MACP Lifecycle

BixeLab Testing Demonstration

Certificate of Conformity

Date of IssueProviderProduct testedProduct VersionModalityTested toPDF Link
2024-04-29ThalesDactyScan84cSBI Specifications: 1.2.2 SDK Version: 5.1Contact based optical fingerprint scannerMOSIP Advanced Compliance Program (MACP) - Device Profiles (draft v1.1)PDF