BixeLab (Biometrics Identity and Experience Evaluation Laboratory) is the Southern Hemisphere’s first, and only, NIST and FIDO accredited biometric testing laboratory, specialising in the testing and evaluation of biometric and identity systems.   

It is the world’s second NIST accredited biometrics testing laboratory and has been delivering biometric compliance testing and specialised training services to government agencies and private organisations all over the world. We provide advisory, best practice guidance, skill acquisition and independent evaluation services across all leading biometric products, modalities, and vendors. We are proudly independent and are not aligned with any vendors of biometric systems and identity management solutions.  

Biometric systems offer complex and unique challenges compared to traditional security methods. Clients turn to us to provide independent advice, assessment and assurance where there is a range of unique vendors, technologies, and risks.  

We have been involved with financial institutions, OEMs and government organisations worldwide to provide independent assurance to biometric and identity systems under development and in production. We have worked with organisations across the globe where our expertise and experience with a range of technologies and use cases have provided assurance that their solutions are delivering optimal performance, balanced security and usability outcomes, and high return on investment. 

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