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BixeAcademy offers a number of individual and group training courses designed to ensure that your team is informed, trained and ready to work with your new and existing systems.

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to Biometrics

New to biometrics?

This course familiarises participants with biometric fundamentals, provides historical context and introduces modalities. At the end of this course, participants will develop an understanding of biometrics and be ready to dive deeper!
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Introduction to
Biometric Bias

Interested in bias?

This course introduces the concept of biometric bias, why it might present and how it is being tackled. At the end of this course, the participant will develop an introductory understanding of bias within biometric systems.
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Introduction to
to Biometric Vulnerabilities

Can biometric systems be attacked?

This course introduces the vulnerabilities of a biometric system, different ways it might be attacked and how systems are learning to be more resilient. At the end of this course, the participant will have a deeper understanding of the common attack vectors different biometric systems can be exposed to.
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TDIF Essentials

Curious about TDIF?

Our TDIF Essentials Training introduces the Trusted Digital Identity Framework or TDIF, explores Digital Identity and outlines the TDIF Accreditation Process. By the end of this course, the participants will have a thorough understanding of TDIF just before the impending legislation.
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Biometric Vulnerability

How vulnerable is my biometric system?

Our Biometrics Vulnerability Assessment course provides specialised training on biometric vulnerability assessment and testing. Participants will develop a deeper understanding of the general methods of assessment, testing, and mitigation of security risks specifically for operational biometric systems.
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Biometric Performance

How does my biometric system perform?

This course will equip personnel within organisations with deployed biometric systems with the required statistical knowledge to be able to conduct internal biometric performance audits.
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Identity Operations

Identity Operations Training

Even the most advanced eIDV technologies need strict supervision of unsupervised identity proofing between photos of identity documents and selfies. As a result, manual resolution by identity resolution specialists is important in rectifying erroneous rejections (ensuring customers are not unduly inconvenienced) and reducing the possibility of fraud and reputational risk posed by a false acceptance. This course comprehensively covers facial comparison and document examination techniques to assist identity resolution operators with manual resolution.
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Standardised Biometrics
Testing and Evaluation

Standardised Biometrics Testing and Evaluation

This course will cover key concepts of biometric performance testing for system assurance covering relevant ISO terminologies such as Scenario, Technology and Operational Evaluation, the importance of data collection and preparation, and the overview of biometric standards and case studies.
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Biometric Systems
Red Teaming

Biometrics Systems Red Teaming

This course takes a deep dive into various factors associated with biometric attacks and the assessment of biometric systems’ robustness against presentation attacks of varying attack potentials. It covers topics such as presentation attack detection testing methods, attack potentials, artefact properties, mounting an attack and attack optimization.
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Need to recruit the right personnel?


The in-person identity proofing relies heavily on the judgement of the human operator hence, it is essential to ensure that this process is conducted only by specialists in the field with access to advanced technical tools for detecting fraudulent documents and fraudsters.
BixeLab has developed a candidate selection criteria and framework to assist organisations in selecting suitable candidates for identity resolution that have demonstrated skills and abilities with facial recognition.