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NIST Testing

As a NIST biometrics applicant laboratory, we can rigorously test your systems to nationally and internationally recognized biometrics standards. BixeLab will leverage over twenty years of industry experience to become one of only two global accredited biometric laboratories to provide NIST accredited biometric testing services.

  • World class assurance
  • Industry-leading certification services
  • Australia’s only NIST applicant laboratory

TDIF Accreditation

The Australian Government’s Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF) helps streamline people’s interactions with government and provide efficiency improvements. BixeLab helps your organisation meet the requirements necessary for the TDIF enabling you to become a safe, secure and compliant digital identity provider.

  •  Innovative testing solutions
  •  Comprehensive training
  •  Requirement guidance


At BixeLab we strive to provide testing for all types of biometric and identity systems.

Presentation Attack Detection Testing

Bixelab’s state of the art suite of instruments allow us to perform ISO-30107 compliant testing of presentation attack detect systems, preventing fraudulent access.

Electronic Identity Verification (eIDV) Testing

Bixelab testing services ensures remote onboarding solutions are operating effectively and have appropriate vulnerability mitigations.

Algorithm Testing

Bixelab is equipped to undertake in depth biometric algorithm testing for aspects of accuracy, quality, vulnerability, bias, and performance.

Acquisition Device Testing

Bixelab can undertake testing to ensure acquisition devices are capturing high quality and consistent biometric data which is crucial to good performance.

Mobile Testing

Bixelab can test biometric mobile apps and devices that use biometric technology to determine their performance and vulnerabilities.

Access Control Testing

Bixelab provides services to test biometrically enabled access control systems, software, and devices for performance and vulnerability.


BixeLab provides experienced and independent testing services for every biometric modality.


Face biometrics are being used for an increasing number of use cases that pose a range of unique challenges and threats to usability and security. Face biometric systems and their performance are highly subject to quality issues, potential bias, and are the primary subject of presentation attacks using fake biometrics such as masks.

BixeLab provides a range of testing and analysis services to assess face biometric systems including matching accuracy, quality impacts, bias analysis, and susceptibility to sophisticated presentation attacks. This includes end-to-end investigation and testing of quality and demographic issues, liveness detection and threat scenarios for digital identity systems.

We can provide you with an understanding of your system’s accuracy, quality, and vulnerabilities. An understanding of system performance provides a basis for significant enhancement through tuning of parameters and thresholds.


Fingerprint biometrics used in specialised applications such as access control and large-scale identification systems must undergo rigorous and ongoing testing to ensure they are performing optimally. The capture devices for fingerprint solutions vary significantly in their design, function, and form and must be assessed to ensure that high-quality samples are captured to protect against vulnerabilities.

BixeLab provides analysis services for matching data, including for procurement, quality assurance, or as part of an ongoing and periodic evaluation. Importantly, we also provide targeted vulnerability testing of fingerprint devices including capture devices, access control units, or other software.

Our services will provide you with a full understanding of performance from the point of fingerprint capture through to matching whether verification or in large scale identification scenarios. This understanding is important to detect performance problems and ensure that the devices used have sufficient vulnerability mitigations and provide quality data.


Iris biometrics are finding increased use as an alternative to fingerprint biometrics for contactless verification, identification and access control. Iris systems incorporate specialised devices that range from basic, low cost units through to sophisticated iris cameras and access control units that vary significantly in their ability to capture good quality data.

BixeLab provides a range of services to support iris biometric systems including performance assessment, vulnerability testing, and threat scenario testing. The BixeLab is equipped with specialised tools and equipment to ensure a full spectrum of testing for iris capture devices, matching algorithms and related systems.

Our services provide you with assurance that your system is capturing high quality data, is resilient against vulnerabilities, and delivers effective matching outcomes. The wide variety of iris systems can lead to increased vulnerability that can be only fully understood and mitigated through a targeted evaluation.


Voice biometrics are commonplace in customer authentication systems for government agencies, banks, and other financial institutions. The unique characteristics, variability, and types of passphrases used in these types of systems provides significant challenges in performance, vulnerability, and usability.

BixeLab provides testing, analysis, and tuning services for voice biometric systems that increase usability and security, investigate fraud potential, and identify performance problems. Ensuring ongoing analysis of operational data is of increased importance for voice biometric systems. We can provide periodic analysis and reporting against performance targets and service level agreements.

Our services provide a full understanding of matching accuracy, quality problems, and potential system vulnerabilities. Understanding these factors ensures that targets are met, quality is appropriately tuned, and fraud cases can be identified. Knowledge of this will equip you with the information to confidently make decisions regarding system upgrades and apply new tuning or configuration models to your system.


The industry is moving increasingly towards identity systems that include more than one biometric modality. The use of multiple modalities – such as face and iris recognition – can assist in mitigating the vulnerabilities that arise from the use of a single modality.

In addition, a number of new and emerging biometric technologies such as behavioural biometrics pose unique challenges that differentiate them from traditional biometric systems.

We are fully equipped with the tools, equipment, and skills to undertake testing of any biometric modality, system, or solution that includes one or more different modalities. This includes behavioural biometrics, as well as palm vein, finger vein and a range of other technologies.

Contact us to discuss how we can help secure and optimise your unique identity system.

Accuracy testing

Matching accuracy is an important anchor for system performance. We can investigate the impacts of demographic bias and quality.

Performance tuning

Every use case is unique. Our tuning services can help ensure that system resilience against performance problems and vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability and liveness

We are fully equipped to undertake vulnerability evaluations with a focus on presentation attack detection and liveness technology.

Quality analysis

The capture, assessment, and maintenance of high quality biometric data is critical. We help ensure that your system provides the highest accuracy.


Our team is made up of experts with a multitude of diverse backgrounds and experience.


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