Ted Dunstone

CEO and founder of BixeLab

Biometric, Security and AI Industry Executive

Dr Ted Dunstone received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Wollongong in 1996 and specialises in misclassification analysis, biometric system performance, vulnerability detection and machine learning. He is a world-renowned biometric, security and AI expert and the founder of BixeLab – providing testing, compliance and certification for identity and biometric solutions.

Ted co-authored the first book published on biometrics and data analysis, founded the Biometrics Institute, and has been involved with biometrics and authentication for over 25 years, both academically and commercially.

He specialises in the government use and analysis of biometric identity systems and heads various technical committees across the world including but not limited to – the MOSIP Technical working group and Biometrics Institute Security, and Integrity Committee. He is also a member of several international working groups and committees for biometrics, identity verification and binding.

Over the years, Ted has played an important role in shaping the current-day biometrics and digital identity landscape. Some examples of his contributions include – the provision of the prototype for the world’s first fully operational SmartGate, advice to the UK Home Office on accuracy and testing, strategic and policy advisory on biometrics and identity to the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs, authoring reports for the World Bank and UN Counter-Terrorism Directorate (UN CTED) and the European Union.

Ted’s Vision is for BixeLab to be the global leader in the assurance and trust of digital identity products and services through standardised testing and evaluation. He is on a mission to build a world-class testing capability that is internationally accredited and delivers testing, compliance and certification for identity and biometric solutions globally.


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Academic Contributions

Ted is a highly regarded authority in the field of biometrics, having made significant contributions through numerous publications and co-authorship of the first book on biometric data analysis. His work has been recognized with the Best Paper Award from IEEE in 2007 and he has been commissioned to write reports for esteemed organizations like the World Bank.


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